How To Install Opera On Windows
How To Install Opera On Windows
May 25, 2020

This tutorial provides the steps required to install Opera on Windows 10. The steps should be the same on the other versions of Windows.

Download Opera

Open the official Download Page of Opera. It provides the options to download Opera for Windows as shown in Fig 1.

Install Opera On Windows - Download Options

Fig 1

Click the Download Now Button to start downloading the Opera for Windows 10.

Install Opera

In this step, we will install Opera on Windows using the installer downloaded by us in the previous step. Double-click the installer file downloaded by us in the previous step. The installer will show the installation progress as shown in Fig 2 and Fig 3.

Install Opera On Windows - Installer

Fig 2

Install Opera On Windows - Progress

Fig 3

It will launch the browser after successfully completing the installation as shown in Fig 4.

Install Opera On Windows - Browser

Fig 4

This is all about installing the popular browser Opera on Windows 10.


This tutorial provided the steps required to download and install Opera Browser on Windows 10.

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